Terms si conditions

General principles and the services provided

Pixel Noise, the name and this website represent digital/online identity and is a subsidiary of Aldea Web Design. The name and this website shall be used only with a professional business purpose. Professional goal is to create and deliver web and media services for companies and individuals.

Acceptance of terms

By accessing the www.pixelnoise.ro web site, you accept the practices described in this privacy policy.

Gathering information and content

Pixel Noise does not keep or store any private information about its clients in any way.The only kind of information about clients that Pixel Noise uses is the e-mail and telephone number, used only to keep in touch during the period of the contract or for future collaboration, and customer’s name, used when signing the contract.This information is obtained with the consent of the clients only.

The contract

Each client gets a summary of the services that will be done by Pixel Noise, for each project is hired in particular (website, logos, posters, flyers, business cards, prints, etc.) and a contract that both parties sign,regarding financial clauses.

The third party content

www.pixelnoise.ro may have content and links to third-party sites over which/whom it has no control and assumes no responsibility for. In addition, Pixel Noise will not censor or edit the content of any third party site.

Ownership of content and client projects

Pixel Noise has the right to list on this site, all projects and digital works, hired by clients for, as they bare its signature and the only purpose is to be used SOLELY as part of portfolio. Pixel Noise owns the copyrights over any design concept and its own portfolio. Clients remain the rightful owners of projects/products provided with and which they hired Pixel Noise for. No customer has no right or control over this site.

Digital signature on projects

Pixel Noise has the right of signing all its work and projects hired for, in order to authenticate them and  that will help it be recognized and get more clients to sustain its business flow. Signature “Designed by Pixel Noisewill not be changed or removed/deleted by clients in any way without the consent of Pixel Noise. If a customer requires/wants, in particular, not to have the signature “Designed by Pixel Noiseon projects/works, he/she must notify Pixel Noise (the owners) about this matter in advance.

Content provided by client

Pixel Noise is not responsible for the content that clients choose to use and put on their websites, or any other type of project/digital works (logos, business cards, flyers, posters, prints, etc) and the clients do it at their own risk. Pixel Noise is only committed to provide specific business services (web sites, logos, brochures, business cards, posters, search engine optimization, etc.) and is not responsible in any way for any COPYRIGHT infringement issues in which the customers may be involved.


Pixel Noise DOES NOT SUPPORT any ACTIVITY THAT VIOLATES copyrights laws. Pixel Noise supports the basic concept&idea of internet as a free source but in the same time DOES NOT SUPPORT OR ENCOURAGE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IN ANY WAY.

Contacting the site and the rightful owners
If you have any queries or questions please contact us at office@pixelnoise.ro.